Monday, March 12, 2007

salto del nilahue

zorro on the edgegigo taking off

on the 5th of march i meet up with gigo and after picking up zorro and gerd we are heading south to the lago ranco where the nilahue river flows into the lake and makes a nice waterfall just under the roadbridge.the fall just broke down a few months ago and left a 20 meters high but not completely vertical fall.we scout it and see that the left side of the pool is caved out, but not to bad,and we all are ready to decide the order we take 4 sticks and gigo takes the longest,so he can go first.but it was not the lucky number for him-he landed sweet but broke his paddle over the boat.then zorro,me and gerd went down and we all had soft's a really nice waterfall-you pick up lots of speed and a big boil makes sure you land soft-just avoid the left side at the bottom.we still have some time left and scout a nice volcanic-rock canyon witch remembered me tree trunk gorge in kiwiland-we paddle it another time and cruise back to pucon...

last stroke and....

me before the impact

gerd on his way down